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Our mission with Naked Essentials is to spread the sense of adventure and awe that natures provides.  Inspired by the outdoors and the amazing memories made exploring, we wanted a product that would be the perfect companion to any adventure.

The idea for Naked Essentials developed during a backpacking trip through the Blueridge Mountians. Inspired by the incredible beauty of the parkway, and humbled by its scale, we felt at one vulnerable and connected.  That feeling is intoxicating, and it centers us on the truly essential.

The powerful presence led to late nights under the stars, full of passion.  It was during these nights that we began cultivating a product that would compliment our surroundings, something to gently transition nights around a camp fire into shared connection.  It had to be something we didn’t mind having on our skin, and something that could hold up the entire trip.

When we got back to Charleston, we were incredibly fortunate to find the right team to make our dream a reality.  We met an renowned manufacturer and his biochemist wife and began to cultivate the perfect product.  Their incredible knowledge combined with our adamant design criteria began to take shape, and the first batches of (A)lchemy were produced.

While our original goal was a skin-healthy product that could weather multiple nights in a tent, our research revealed the incredible potential for cannabidol (CBD).  It was a match made in heaven, and much like the entire project, all the pieces fell right in place.  We were able to secure an incredible source for USA organic grown hemp, and infused our already powerful combination of plant-based organic oils.

We’ve taken Naked Essentials with us on every trip since, and our love has continued to grow.  We love the sense of adventure it encapsulates, and we are honored to share it with a growing community.  Our hope is that it will inspire intimacy and exploration in our community and beyond.

Our Founder

Naked Essentials founder, Connor Hanrahan, grew up experiencing the beauty of nature on family backpacking trips.  Through his undergraduate work he developed an intense desire to help build a more sustainable world.

This led him on to graduate school where he received his a masters in chemical engineering focused on water treatment and sustainability.   

After years of working with water and solar power, he was inspired to share a different project with the world.  His hope that an intimacy oil designed for the outdoors will inspire others to get naked and explore the great outdoors.